SYJ Furniture needed an e-commerce website which effectively showcased their high-end tables and allowed customers to make purchases online.

SYJ told us that they regularly customised orders based on customers unique requirements, so a sense of control over customisation of products was a really important outcome for their customer persona. With this is mind, a key consideration was to enhance flow and user experience leading up to that result.

A key focus was put on creating a simple and easy to use product page which allowed customers to customise their purchase with options such as colour, dimensions, and material. A stylish and intuitive set of buttons were created which clearly displayed options on both mobile and desktop view. The process was tested and by making small adjustments more visitors were converted to checkout. 

The general site design was modern and fresh with a Scandi feel to match the table designs and appeal to the customer persona. High quality photographs, icons and a bold typographic style were all incorporated to enhance usability and visual appeal. The website was well received by both client and customers.