Stamp of Approval are an antiques hire company that specialise in vintage items for special events.

Stamp if Approval had been in operation for only a few months, providing vintage and Art Deco inspired items for hire to weddings, parties, and other special events. However, the company had not yet established a visual identity, brand or website that could differentiate it from its competitors.




Brand Design


The primary objective of the branding project was to create a visual identity that would differentiate Stamp of Approval from its competitors and appeal to its target audience. The target audience was mainly couples who were looking for a unique and vintage-inspired aesthetic for their wedding or special event. The brand identity needed to be memorable, cohesive, and evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication.


Through a market analysis, we discovered that Stamp of Approvals focus on the theme of travel inspired items and vintage post boxes was not common in the industry, and there was an opportunity to leverage this as a key differentiator. Post boxes were a popular hire item for the company with events hosts using them as displays to post cards and gifts.

Ideation and Design Development

We brainstormed various ideas for the visual identity, including typography, colour schemes, and imagery. We decided to use a combination of Art Deco-inspired typography to create a sense of luxury, sophistication and history. We also drew inspiration from vintage travel posters, post cards and the Par Avion airmail. We incorporating imagery from this research to create a range of editable postcards and postal slips that event guests and hosts could use to write and deliver special messages.

Striking golds and blacks with art deco patterning and faded travel imagery were all brought together in the logo to produce a striking, memorable logo helping Stamp of Approval to stand out from the crowd. The visual identity was then used across the website which is now a central part of Stamp of Approvals business, allowing them to showcase their events displays and hire items whilst offering the capability for users to enquire and book specific items or displays for their special event.