Cuvama help SaaS companies sell and deliver value at scale. They provide a range of services through a fully integrated application that enables organisations to better understand what prospects and customers value most.

Cuvama needed a website that would be easy to navigate, visually appealing, and would effectively communicate their brand message to potential clients.






The Challenge

Cuvama needed to communicate complex information about their products in a way that was easy for users to digest. The information needed to be communicated to each of their customer segments in a unique way which spoke to their individual needs. The site had to be easily navigated so that each customer could find the information that was key for their business.

The Solution

Streamline content discovery
Turning complex information into simple, more digestible content, with a mix of infographics, icons, illustrations and videos.
Hero Headers
We used a range of diverse images in page headers, featuring individuals or pairs that each customer segment could relate to.
Using customer journey mapping, wire framing and testing, we were able to ensure that the website was easily navigated by users.