Awakening the Writer Within provide face to face and virtual writing courses for poets and novelists, with varying levels of experience.

Since their launch, Awakening the Writer have grown their customer base and created a loyal following through their regular content. However, the company needed a rebrand which better communicated their values to their customers. They also needed a new website to aid engagement and increase conversions.





The Brand

The new brand was based around their key values and ambition of providing inspiring content, promoting creativity, aiding transformation and providing help and support. Ings Design created a visual identity to reflect these values, including a logo, company colours and fonts.

The logo incorporates the sun rise and the brand yellow to communicate the feeling of ‘awakening and transformation’, which the company provide through their creative approaches and inspiring materials. The logo also includes the traditional fountain pen and the diagonal lines which represent the book.

The Typography

For the typography, a traditional serif title font helped to incorporate the feel of the written word (books and poetry), as well as amplify the brand's link to traditional writers and works. A sans-serif, modern font family was used for body copy to modernise the brand and help to aid readability on screens.

The Colour Palette

The colour scheme remained similar to the existing brand so that it was still recognisable to current customers and retained a link to its identity. A soft yellow was used, helping to communicate a feeling of happiness, inspiration, and transformation. The palette was also modernised to include two variant colours, to provide a feeling of harmony and create a pleasant appearance. Two contrasting colours were also added to the palate for variety and to aid accessibility/visibility on web based and printed media.

The Website

The old site had a range of content which was difficult to locate and hard to digest. To maintain user engagement and increase conversions, it was important to review how we could optimise the user experience, by providing quick and easy access to relevant content. The design language and the typographic elements where also difficult to consume, with no overarching scheme or style.

The Solution

User journey mapping
User journey mapping helped to ensure that content was quick and easy to access.
design language
A rebrand and a unique and intuitive design language helped to create a positive, consistent experience for users.
Improve accessibility
By adhering to accessibility & compliance standards, we created layouts which felt more immersive on mobile.